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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Starting Point

I wanted to give you an idea of where we stand to start out this journey(As of 1/9/2011) :


Cash Savings: $3,064
Roth IRA: $41,444
Combined 401K's: $2,242
Condo Value: $180,000
Total: $226,750


Student Loans: $13,731 @ 3.625%
Mortgage: $181,284 @ 4.5%
Credit Cards: $1651(on interest free promotional accounts)
Total: $196,666

Net Worth(Assets - Liabilities):


Two 30 somethings with a 5 year old and about to get married with a net worth barely above $30,000!! YIKES!!

We obviously need to step it up a notch in order to have money for college, retirement, food, water, air!!

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